El Dorado: The Lost City of Gold (Writing + Reading)

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Over 10/11 weeks, you and your class plan, draft, edit, perform and film your very own swashbuckling adventure in South America. It also includes a bespoke reading book to enhance writing as you alternate between studying chapters of the book & the writing of your own film. This resource is integrated with sentence level work and covers six genres of writing: character description, letter writing, diary writing, narrative, script writing and information writing. Filming is simple with our how to guides. You only need one iPad, tablet or anything with a camera to bring this project to life!

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The resource includes:

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Pay what you want to use this resource, or click here for a school site licence.

The reading element of this package is what makes this extra special and guaranteed to deliver literacy results which will delight your headteacher! El Dorado is a book written by John Roberts especially for A Tale Unfolds to enhance your pupils’ writing work as you alternate between each chapter of the book and the writing of your own film.

When Christopher Columbus challenges the world’s greatest explorers to find El Dorado, no one can predict the adventures that lie ahead. Who will win the race to the lost city of gold and change the world forever?

This thrilling book, set in the time of Christopher Columbus, offers clues on each page to enrich the making of your own film making every day a detective’s delight for your pupils.

  • It has two differentiated versions to allow less and more able readers to access the text at their own level.
  • It takes inspiration from Alan Peat sentences to ensure that your pupils consistently read examples of high level writing which pushes them to produce even higher levels of written work when writing their own film.
  • All this is seamlessly integrated into the lesson plans so you can be assured that you are giving them the best teaching and learning experience possible!

We built our own literacy projects because we tried many other popular options only to find that they were more of the same old material. We also found ourselves spending ridiculous amounts of free time pulling together supporting resources, videos and lesson ideas. We only care about developing the highest quality material that you can’t find anywhere else and that delivers results in the classroom.

Click here to watch an example of what you could make!