El Dorado (Writing + Reading + Topic)

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This is the ultimate combination of reading, writing and topic work which has tripled literacy progress in KS2 classrooms.

  • Character, letters, narrative, script, diary & information writing
  • 50/55 hours of English lesson plans
  • 30 hours of topic plans
  • Daily interactive whiteboard files
  • 22 stimulus videos for English
  • 21 topic stimulus videos
  • English overview
  • Topic overview
  • Writing frames, infographics & supporting resources

With over 50 hours of English lesson plans, videos and supporting resources, you take your class on a pirate adventure to Colombia in South America. By adding topic work, you to add 30 hours of cross curricular history, geography, art and PSHE!

El Dorado is a book written by John Roberts especially for A Tale Unfolds to enhance your pupils’ writing work as you alternate between each chapter of the book and the writing of your own film.  It has two differentiated versions to allow less and more able readers to access the text at their own level.

Click here to watch an example of what you could make!