We helped Higham Ferrers Junior School to triple literacy progress across twelve classes


Pupils are engaged by video stimulus to produce projects covering a range of writing genres & outcomes
Teachers receive all our planning, supporting resources and IWB files as well as tech support resources
Your pupils and teachers radically improve their learning, teaching & digital skills using video
What's so good about these resources?

If you knew the amount of time, effort, pedagogical theory, video script drafts and professional design choices that go into each resource, you wouldn’t need to ask that question. We put blood, sweat and tears into making these resources so you can be the super teacher you’ve always dreamed of without spending all your free time putting something like this together.

If you could hear how teachers who have used our projects rave about them, again, you wouldn’t need to ask that question. In fact, you can read what teachers say here. We’re really proud of our feedback. It makes all  the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile.

John Potter is Senior Lecturer in Education and New Media in the Department of Curriculum, Culture and Media at the Institute Of Education. He described A Tale Unfolds as a true example of third space learning, where the classroom walls melt away.

Have you got an outline of the teaching and learning over the course of the projects?

Take a look at the medium term plans for the different projects on the individual resource pages. These spell out very clearly what the projects cover along with a week by week breakdown of the teaching and learning.

Check out our A Tale Unfolds Project Map to get a quick idea of how projects are used across the school.

Our long term projects cover a range of writing genres, up to six different genres in fact!

What sort of technology do I need for these resources?

For all of these projects, you need to access to two things:

  • one device with a digital camera for filming
  • something to edit your footage together

Your filming device can be a tablet, a digital camera, a flipcam or even a smartphone. You only need one although sometimes it can be useful to have more than one so different groups can film at the same time.

To edit the footage into a finished video, you can use MovieMaker, iMovie, Adobe Spark or WeVideo to make it happen. In fact, you can use any video editor. We just think these ones are the best and most simple.

What's all this I read about film premieres?

Having made a finished video with your class, a film premiere is an amazing celebration of your pupils’ hard work and achievement. Most schools do it in their school hall at the end of the school day and invite parents and friends. Some schools even hire out or get free use of a cinema!

Quite a lot of schools invite the local press to cover the event. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to get them involved. Please refer to the premiere pack in the members resource area for more information on how to go about this.

Do you deliver training for schools?

Yes we do. We have three offerings for schools which you can find here.

  • Class workshops which are great for delivering writing & video advice to pupils & teachers at the same time
  • Teacher training days which show how to combine the best of traditional and digital teaching methods
  • School prospectus workshops which produce a 4 minute video showcasing the best of what your school has to offer

A Tale Unfolds in Action

El Dorado Video Preview
A rolling intro screen with the word "Terror".