Our aims…

LitFilmFest started life several years ago as A Tale Unfolds, after founder (and ex-teacher), Dom was joined by Tim and Si to create video resources which radically rethink the way we teach literacy in schools.

The aim was to increase engagement and progress by combining traditional English teaching with simple video creation.

Changing the world…

Our company was founded in a strong belief that teachers become teachers because they want to change the world. Our projects bring real social issues and purpose into the middle of the classroom, giving pupils, teachers and school communities a way to challenge and change their world for the better.

Fast forward to today, and there are over 12,000 teachers across the UK using our projects in the classroom.

And it works…

Supported by the Institute of Education at UCL, we investigated the impact that our resources have on literacy progression. The results showed that the approach delivered an average of 15 months progress over 4 months compared to the national average. You can read the full report here.

And it’s not just teachers and schools who see the value in this. We’re working with industry experts, well known faces and hand-picked partners who believe in this movement, and so sponsor LitFilmFest, allowing us to keep projects free for a limited period, every year.

We feature children’s work on big name Youtube channels and on the YouTube Kids app, every month of the festival.

Join LitFilmFest…

We created LitFilmFest to allow teachers and children to change the world. To give their literacy an audience. To give your classroom a voice.

Join the LitFilmFest community now, and empower your children to use their literacy for good.

What teachers are saying

“I just want to say how much my class are enjoying the project. They come in every morning asking when we are doing English which is brilliant!”

Emily Hopkins,
All Saints Upton Primary School

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